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Sep 2, 2014

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About Us

EcoAppsFree is where greening the world goes mobile.

We are enabling iPhone & iPad users to take action in pro of our planet by delivering Eco Apps FREE to their mobile devices.

In a nutshell, we deliver eco-minded apps for free for a period of 24-hours.

What`s an eco app?
It is a new generation of apps that provide meaningful information that can make a positive social and environmental impact.
We consider an app as “eco” when it meets at least one of our 3 requirements:
1. Do good for the planet or people
2. Save nature resources (e.g.: an e-book saves papers)
3. Replace a hard good with a digital one (e.g.: An alarm clock app replaces the need to buy an alarm clock)

What`s the idea behind?
It is to provide eco apps for free, that normally have a cost, for a limited spawned, we also search through thousands
of applications to simply find the ones that add value to you and our society / planet.

What`s the benefit?
Furthermore, by providing the eco-apps for free for 24-hours, users can download those apps without paying and then provide recommendations if the app is a worthy purchase as well as spread the word of month about them. People who sign up at will get the chance to try different eco apps, each of which will only be available for 24 hours.

Fullcircle innovations is also a winner of the 2010 Red Herring Asia 100 Award.


Watch how we can help your eco app to stand out....

Are you a developer?

Would like us to feature your app?

We consider your app as “eco” when it meets at least one of our 3 requirements:

1) Do good for the planet or people (that is the obvious one)

2) Save nature resources (e.g: an e-book saves papers)

3) Replace a hard good with a digital one (e.g: An alarm clock app replaces the need to buy an alarm clock)

Please choose a promotion level below. Click the “I AM IN” button and fill up the form.

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Price USD

Per App Promotion (ad-hoc price)

Per App Promotion (ad-hoc price)
or for 3 apps* (save 20%)

Per App Promotion (ad-hoc price)
or for 5+ apps** (save 30%)
Promotion Reach Estimate3K-5K users20K-30K users50K-60K users
Type of Eco App to be feature / acceptedPaid & Free
(note: paid apps need to go free on the day of the promotion)
Paid & Free
(note: paid apps need to go free on the day of the promotion)
Paid & Free
(note: paid apps need to go free on the day of the promotion)
Promotions / Push
Via Our Direct Mail ListCheckCheckCheck
Via Our Own iPhone/iPad App (Push)CheckCheckCheck
Via Social Media (Included Twitter, LinkedIN and Others)CheckCheckCheck
Via Forum/Blog Posts at GreenITers.comCheckCheckCheck
Priotity on choosing the day of the promotionCheckCheckCheck
Access to Feedbacks received during the promotionCheckCheckCheck
Rank Position (Before & After the promotion) ReportCheckCheckCheck
Your Eco App Reach New MarketsCheckCheckCheck
Raise awareness for your Eco AppCheckCheckCheck
Raise your sales after the promotionCheckCheckCheck
Raise Word of Month (WOM)CheckCheckCheck
Raise in-app purchase (if there is one)CheckCheckCheck
Increase of sign-ups/account creation if there isCheckCheckCheck
Get new reviews + comments at the app storeCheckCheckCheck
Customer support / Questions?CheckCheckCheck

Note: All prices in US Dollar.

iPhone/iPad Past Featured Apps

Eco Apps List for iPhone/iPad:






Wow! provides real developers/customers testimonies. Nothing manufactured here.

“Thank you! It has been pleasure working with you. Your promoting, feedback and communication is stellar.
It was great to see our app in the top 50. EcoAppsFree is providing a great service to developers, consumers and the planet.
Go green!”
Mark – Meterread App

“Thanks to we’ve reached a variety of new users from all over the world in just one day. Pretty impressive.”
Timm – Virtual Water App

“Working with EcoApps was a pleasure. They were very professional and responsive at all stages of the promotional process. The promotion brought in a large increase in the number of downloads.” Greg – EcoCense App

“The people at Eco Apps were great and the exposure will surely raise awareness of my app. I also received valuable feedback which helped me plan my next product improvements.” Victor – Solar PV Installer App

“EcoApps offers an amazing service. The exposure we recieved from being featured was fantastic. Within a few hours, we saw a huge spike in traffic to our app. The awareness that was raised has led to many new customers and valuable feedback. Thanks EcoApps” Josh – VegLookup App

“Trabajar con EcoAppsFree es un auténtico placer. Con su ayuda hemos logrado estar en el TOP 1 en USA y TOP 10 en 47 países, además de multiplicar por 10 las ventas y por 50 las visitas a nuestra web. EcoAppsFree es una apuesta segura” Alejandro – iSleep Sphere App

“Working with EcoApps definitely increased my app exposure, and I was glad to see my app in the Top 20 in Japan. They are professional and they get results!” Marius – Rain Sounds App

“We reached new markets that previously seemed out of reach. Within 24 hours of being featured on your site the sales of our Green Outlet app went up ten fold. With all the new exposure you have brought to our green app and others you are helping the planet stay a little greener!” Cyndi – Green Outlet App

“People at are really friendly, they give good feedback and advice. And in the end, the promotion gave excellent results. Highly recommended!” Mathieu – MeteorNotes App

“Thanks you for very quick and excellent solutions; friendly and professional people. You’re perfect!” Tuan – Warm Wishes App

“Thanks to EcoAppsFree Team for a smooth promotion that got the apps back up in the top 10 rankings of many AppStores (including the US, UK and France store) ;-) the resulting downloads when the app got back to paid were amazing thanks to the high position in the rankings and best of all, it is continuing ;)” Patrice Arnera – World Flights App

“Thanks a lot for your promotion! We got heavy downloads! The app got a ranking in top 50 in 5 countries including US. Your promotion helped our app reach many people all around the world!” Shantanu – Tales of Panchatantra App

“I still can’t believe the results!!! In only 24 hours, the app has been downloaded 7K times!!!! Before that it was downloaded about 20-30 times a day. It entered in top 100 utility apps in 30 countries, including 3rd place at Hong Kong, 23rd place in US AppStore, and 16th place in the Italian AppStore, and the ranking constantly go up. Thank you! Seriously, THANK YOU!!!! You are of invaluable price to sole developers!!!” Pro Alarm Team – Pro Alarm App

“EcoAppsFree is a very good opportunity to show your application to big audience – “My Business Card” was downloaded over 3500 times and reached top 25 in 2 countries. It’s a great promotion for your app!” Tomasz – My Business Card App

“I’m very glad for cooperation with EcoAppsFree. Very fast response, very flexible and good support. I’m recommend this site and services. And of course in the future I’ll use this excellent offer again” Jacek – Puzzle Me , Color Me and Share Board Apps

“EcoApps celebrates nature and greening initiatives in the mobile world – so it was an honor when they showcased our app. They were friendly and professional, but more importantly, delivered results! In one day rankings went from 123 to 23! Beyond promotion – one senses an organization that is successful because their core values revolve around integrity. Highly recommended!” Kismetech – Inspired Natural Wisdom App

“Thanks to we reached Top 30 in 10 countries, including the US, on our Breast Cancer cause-marketing app, “Bliss.” They have an engaged audience and a great philosophy in supporting apps that help give back. Kudos to EcoAppsFree!” Jeff – Bliss App

“Thanks a lot! The promotion of my App make a good exposure and a lot of downloads. My App Voice Secretary reach to top #1 in United States, China, France in Business part, and top #5 in China of All Free App, top 200 in United States and many other countries. Many more good feedback from my customer, it make our app to go to new step. And People at are really friendly and quickly response, I will do more promotional with them later, highly recommended to all of developers.” G Power Team – Voice Secretary App

“Thanks you for promoting two of our applications. The staff is extremely professional, responsive and friendly. We have experienced a big jump in the total number of downloads and our apps reached new markets that we haven’t before. Two thumbs up!” Lana Sultan – The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy Apps

“Working with EcoApps increased the exposure of myUse and resulted in a much larger user base. If all of those new users safe up some energy and water by using myUse, the planet can hopefully get greener. Thanks for your help!” Dirk-Jan – myUse

“The EcoApps is inevitably a service that can help small developers become visible. Our app has been exposured to the market we haven’t even thought we can target.Communication is very well designed. We were able to receive responses to our mails in minutes. We will definitely use their services in the future.” Peter Szwach – Caps off’s Designer!

“Working with EcoAppsFree has been great. They are professional, responsive and eager to help me build my business. Their promotions helped my app reach new customers” Pilar Erika Johnson – Eco Wallpapers

“The team at EcoAppsFree was just great. They did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. And best of all, we saw a 20X increase in downloads on the day of the promotion!” Greg – Peaceful Nursery

“Working with EcoApps was a nice experience. It was 1k+ downloads on that day. What was around 5 each day. On next day sales report, slaes of paid version increases 3%.” Sohel – eFuel

“Huge Thank You to! It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Our app got a great exposure and we received a useful feedback to continue to work on the next version. EcoAppsFree is an invluable resource for a sole developers like us.” Elena – MapPocket

“Thank you! Running a promotion with was delightfully uncomplicated and highly effective. During the 24 hours ACTPrinter was free we counted 25.000 downloads. This translates to a huge boost in exposure. The positive effect on sales the following days is impressive.” Pierre – ACTPrinter

“11.000 downloads in 24 hours. Number 1 in 50 countries, What else can I say? Thanks for your work” Alejandro – Bike CycloComputer HUD

“EcoAppsFree totally overcomed our expectations with more than 50.000 downloads in a single day. I don’t have words to express how awesome this service is. 100% recommended investment.” Alejandro – Weight Computer

“The EcoAppsFree team was very communicative and supportive, their promotion helped boost out daily app downloads by 75%!” JB – EHSQ Audit and Verification app

“It has been a pleasure working with EcoAppsFree. The service offered is both professional and friendly. Clearly, the EcoAppsFree team went the extra mile promoting our app, ThinkO, building an audience through channels that we hardly could reach on our own. Thank you!” – LANDKA team

“My app went from not ranking in any countries to being ranked in the Top 200 in 8 different countries. I also received an 1000% increase in downloads the day my app was promoted. Eco Apps was very professional and helpful during the whole app promotion process. I recommed using them without hesitation.” Micah – Duck Soup app

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