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About us Where Changing The World Goes Mobile

We are enabling iPhone & iPad users to take action in pro of our planet by delivering Eco Apps FREE to their mobile devices.

In a nutshell, EcoAppsFree enables iOS users to make the sustainable changes that our planet and ourselves need while they’re on the go.

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Services Are you a developer? Promote your eco app with us

We are a marketing launchpad channel exclusive for green/eco minded iPhone and iPad apps. We promote your eco app! If you or your marketing team plan to do a promotion targeting eco-health-kids-outdoor-lovers conscious individuals think about placing your eco apps with us.

What's an ECO app ? What ECO means to us,

  1. E stands for ECOLOGY That is the obvious one Do good for the planet and people.
  2. C stands for CARE Save nature resources and care for our future e.g: an e-book saves papers.
  3. O stands for OUTSTANDING The apps are not only cool to have but also has a vision/soul... e.g: Replace a hard good with a digital one, like an alarm clock app replaces the need to buy an alarm clock.

Testimonials Review of customers

  • Josh Developer "EcoApps offers an amazing service. The exposure we recieved from being featured was fantastic. Within a few hours, we saw a huge spike in traffic to our app. The awareness that was raised has led to many new customers and valuable feedback. Thanks EcoApps"
  • Alejandro CEO "Trabajar con EcoAppsFree es un auténtico placer. Con su ayuda hemos logrado estar en el TOP 1 en USA y TOP 10 en 47 países, además de multiplicar por 10 las ventas y por 50 las visitas a nuestra web. EcoAppsFree es una apuesta segura"
  • Timm Digital Designer "Thanks to we’ve reached a variety of new users from all over the world in just one day. Pretty impressive."
  • Cyndi Marketing Director "We reached new markets that previously seemed out of reach. Within 24 hours of being featured on your site the sales of our Green Outlet app went up ten fold. With all the new exposure you have brought to our green app and others you are helping the planet stay a little greener!"

Report After Promotion Tangible Results That You Can See

Plans Prices for every pocket

Let us bring YOUR eco app to the next levels. Just choose one of the promotion levels below:

  • Mini$150
    • Direct email push to our opt-in subscribers
    • Including:
    • Your app icon,description and URL
    • Unlimited Support

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  • PLUS$300
    • All the Mini benefits plus
    • Social Media Promotions
    • Green grassroots marketing posts
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  • PRO$500
    • Nobody said winning was cheap !
    • All the PLUS benefits and extras such as
    • Reporting (Before and After Promotion Ranks)
    • Reviews and Feedbacks
    • Unlimited Support

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